Our Services


Hiring the right talent is a complex art. This is where we come into the picture- by helping our clients get the right candidate from our well curated talent pool.

We understand the client’s requirement of the job and then do an in-depth screening to find the right people that match the required skills and experience. From job matching to making sure that the candidates have a positive background to checking if the candidate potential and experience match the clients’ requirements- no stone is left unturned in our quest to match the right candidates with the clients’ requirements.

Contract to hire gives the candidates an opportunity to understand the culture of the company, prove their competencies to the company and see if they are a best fit for the organisation. In this business model, the candidates are on our payroll.

For Full Time Employees, the client need is long-term. We are engaged in this process only until the offer is accepted. After the offer is accepted, the employee directly goes to the client’s payroll.


IT industry is observing new trends each day and it becomes imperative for the industry to hire skilled people. To meet the changing demands, we have come up with our hire-train-deploy model in our endeavor to provide the most optimum workforce solutions to our clients. Clients ask us to hire for niche skills in the market and we train the candidates to make them capable of performing the job..

While hiring, we identify employees’ potentials and abilities to match the same with the required niche skills. Further, we train them or upskill them to fill the gap that has been found while matching the present skills with that of client’s required skills. We make sure to use the best training models for our employees. This not just satisfies the clients with their needs but also helps employees add to their skills.

Once the employee has acquired the skills or has attained the full potential, we deploy them at the client location.


In a managed service arrangement, the managed service provider takes the responsibility of the functionality of the IT service and equipment and the solutions are delivered to the customer.

As a managed service provider, we offer end to end solutions for our clients’ IT projects that includes services and equipments. We take entire ownership of the deliverables and assure best quality within the committed timeline. We have amongst the best IT professionals who will be deployed on the project and get it done for our clients.

This service offering helps our clients to focus on their core business and save time and cost. As a managed IT service provider, we help to streamline IT projects and increase overall efficiency for numerous companies ensuring an effective managed services relationship with our clients.