Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome E-centric employees to TeamLease Digital!

TeamLease Digital is a 100% subsidiary of TeamLease Services Limited, which offers specialised IT staffing services to across industries. Formed in 2018 as a result consolidation of three separate organizations – NichePro, KeyStone and ASAP who were the market leaders in their respective niche segments and now eCentric – TeamLease Digital has today emerged as one of the largest IT staffing services provider – with over 3,000+ associates deployed with 100+ fortune 500 clients.

We understand that post the merger you might have some queries, which we hope the following FAQs can clarify. If your queries are not addressed via these questions then feel free to reach out to us!

Should I re-submit all my documents again to TeamLease Digital? If yes, what are the necessary documents need to be submitted?

If you have submitted your mandatory documents like education, experience, bank account details, Govt. ID & Address proofs already with eCentric, no need to re-submit again with TDPL, If not , you need to submit these documents.

Will I get any joining bonus in the new company?

No, your terms and conditions will remain same. However if your basic salary is less than 21,000 you will be eligible for statutory bonus and same will be part of your monthly salary.

Will my reporting manager change?

No, there is no change in your reporting manager structure, all terms and conditions remain same.

Is there any change in my Leave Policy?

No, your current leave policy is not changed. You will get 15 leaves for a year and they will get lapsed if not utilized before December 31 of that calendar year.

What about the Maternity Leave policy?

You will get maternity leave as per Maternity Benefit Act.

Will I get new Offer Letter or Transfer Letter?

New offer letter will be issued from TeamLease Digital and will ensure your continuity of your service

Is there any change in my salary? Will my salary structure change?

No, there will be no change to your salary. There might be small correction in the salary structure if necessary, but there will be no change in your CTC.

Will my Notice period change in TeamLease Digital?

No, all your terms and condition will remain same as per eCentric offer letter.

Will there be PF & ESIC deduction in my salary?

All statutory payments will be deducted and will be remitted to government authorities as applicable.

What about Gratuity?

You will be eligible for gratuity once you complete 4 years 240 days from date of joining and gratuity will be paid along with your full and final settlement. Your joining date will be as per eCentric’s offer letter.

What will be my Salary payout date in TeamLease Digital?

There is no change in Salary payout dates. Salary will be paid on approved time sheets from the clients’ end.

Will I get the Salary slip every month?

Your Salary slips for every month will be available in TeamLease Digital portal.

How do I get in touch with TeamLease Digital?

You can write email to and also call TeamLease Digital hot line no – 080-67995555.

How the Income tax is calculated at TeamLease Digital? Will I get Form-16?

At TeamLease Digital Income tax is deducted for 11 months. (There will be No tax deduction in the month of April). Tax declaration need to be provided during the time of joining in TeamLease Digital portal. Form-16 will be provided for every financial year.

Will I get new PF UAN number?

No, Your UAN number will be same and TeamLease Digital will do transfer of your PF from eCentric to TeamLease Digital.

Will TeamLease Digital transfer my PF from previous employer (pervious to eCentric) to TeamLease Digital?

No, you need to transfer the PF from previous employer to TeamLease Digital through UAN member portal. TeamLease Digital will, also, transfer of your PF from eCentric to TeamLease Digital.

Can I opt for PF withdrawal from eCentric?

No, since your employment is in continuity you would not be able to withdraw your PF from eCentric.

Will there any change in my ESIC number?

No, there will be no change in your ESIC UAN number.

What about the Medical Insurance coverage? How much the premium amount will be deducted from my salary?

No, there will be no change in your insurance policy.